Mercury Mariner 100-125 HP L4 4-CYL Powerhead

Mercury Mariner 100-125 HP L4 4-CYL Powerhead
New Mercury Mariner 100-125 HP L4 4-CYL Powerhead For Sale

Featuring all the parts needed effectively outboard powerhead in one convenient package,  powerhead combination of cast WSM Pistons complete with Japanese rings, pins, and clips, the highest quality gaskets available, and the necessary crank bearings, rod bearings, and rod bolts. These kits are available with Standard-Size Pistons or .010//.015/.020/.030/.040 Oversize Pistons.

Mercury/Mariner 100-125 HP L4 4-Cylinder Powerheads from 1994 and Up; this kit fits Top-Guided Models with a 3.5" Bore Size.
  •  Four Pistons (Complete with rings, pins, and clips)
  • One Gasket Kit (including 1 Head Cover Gasket, 1 Base Gasket, 8 Carburetor Gaskets, 8 Reed Block Gaskets, 2 Intake Gaskets, 2 Exhaust Gaskets, 1 Lower End Cap O-Ring, 1 Lower Crank O-Ring, 1 3.0L O-Ring, 1 Fuel Pump Gasket, 1 Thermostat Gasket, 1 Upper Oil Seal, and 1 Lower End Cap Oil Seal)
  •  Main Bearings (One Upper, Three Center, and One Lower)
  •  Rod Bearings (Four Upper and Four Lower)
  •  Eight Rod Bolts

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