Mercury Marine 3326-828272T68 Outboard Carburetor

New Mercury Marine 3326-828272T68 Outboard Carburetor

Mercury Marine 3326-828272T68 Outboard Carburetor Center Intake And Fuel Systems

Mercury Marine Carburetor, Center Suitable For:
2000 Models Carburetor:
1135412WD, 1135422WD, 1135425WD, 1150454WD, 1150454WT, 1150454WY, 1150462WD, 1175412WD, 1175422WD, 1175425WD, 1150465WD, 1200412WD, 1200412WG, 1200412WT, 1200412WY, 1200425WD, 1200422WD, 1200472WD, 7135412JD, 7135422JD, 7150454JD, 7150454JT, 7150462JD, 7175412JD, 7175422JD, 7175425JD, 7200412JD, 7200412JT, 7150465JD, 7200422JD, 7200472JD, 7200425JD, 7135425JD

2001 Models Carburetor:
1200412YD, 1200412YG, 1200412YT, 1200412YY, 1135412YD, 1135422YD, 1135425YD, 1140412YD, 1140412YF, 1140425YF, 1150454YD, 1150454YT, 1150454YY, 1150462YD, 1150465YD, 7200425KD, 1200422YD, 1200425YD, 7135412KD, 7135422KD, 7135425KD, 7140412KF, 7140422KF, 7140425KF, 7140454KF, 7140462KD, 7150454KD, 7150462KD, 7150465KD, 7200412KD, 7200422KD

2002 Models Carburetor:
1200412ZD, 1140412ZF, 1140425ZF, 1150454ZD, 1150454ZT, 1150454ZY, 1150462ZY, 1150465ZY, 1200412ZT, 1200412ZY, 1200422ZY, 1200425ZY, 7140412LF, 7140422LF, 7140425LF, 7150454LD, 7200422LY, 7150462LY, 7200412LD

2003 Models Carburetor:

1200412AD, 1200412AT, 1200412AY, 1140425AF, 1140412AF, 1140422AF, 1150454AD, 1150454AT, 1150454AY, 1150462AY, 1150465AY, 1200425AY, 1200422AY, 7140412MF, 7140422MF, 7140425MF, 7200412MD, 7150462MY, 7200422MY

2004 Models Carburetor:
1200412CD, 1200412CT, 1200412CY, 1140412CF, 1140422CF, 1140425CF, 1140R12CF, 1140R22CF, 1150454CD, 1150454CE, 1150454CY, 1150462CY, 1150465CY, 1200422CY, 1200425CY, 7140412RF, 7140422RF, 7140425RF, 7150454RD, 7150462RY, 7200412RD, 7200422RY

2005 Models Carburetor:
1200412DD, 1200412DT, 1200412DY, 1140412DF, 1140422DF, 1140425DF, 1150454DD, 1150454DT, 1150454DY, 1150462DY, 1150465DY, 1200422DY, 1200425DY, 7140412TF, 7140422TF, 7140425TF, 7150454TD, 7150462TY, 7200412TD, 7200422TY

Fits To: Mercury Mariner 140, 150, XR6, Magnum III WMV-16-2

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  • Brand: Mercury
  • Product Code: 3326-828272T68
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $176.00
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